Hill Hands-Free Infrared and Red Therapy Device
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The Hands-Free Infrared therapy device has 4 applicators that can be strapped to the body. The applicators can also be used in conjunction with a separate muscle stimulation machine. The Hands-Free uses a patented transparent electrode called the Dual Sided Electrode™. The Dual Sided Electrode™ is transparent so infrared light can pass through the electrode at the same time as muscle stimulation. The Dual Sided Electrodes™ can be placed on a patient similar to a standard electrode. The Dual Sided Electrodes™ are sticky on both sides so the Hands-Free applicators can stick to the electrode or a strap can secure the applicator to the topside of the electrode. Any stimulation device can be used in combination with the Hands-Free Infrared.

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Hands-Free Infrared and Red Therapy Device

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