Horizon Light Therapy
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The Horizon Infrared and Red Light Therapy unit delivers a powerful 800mW of infrared (880nm) and red (660nm) light with 36 infrared super luminous diodes and 7 visible red super luminous diodes. The treatment surface plate is roughly 2" in diameter. A dose of 4 J/cm2 takes a little over 90 seconds. The Horizon probe can be purchased as a plug-in to the new HF54 Hands Free Ultrasound or separate as a portable standalone. 

The standalone Horizon was designed to be lightweight, durable and portable. The entire unit weighs 2lbs. 8oz. with the probe handle weighing only 8 ½ oz. This lightweight design eliminates operator fatigue and makes it easy to transport. The standalone power supply has two keyhole mounts on the backside of the enclosure enabling it to be mounted to a wall. Hill Laboratories also manufactures an inexpensive rolling cart for $85 or the unit can simply sit on a shelf.

Horizon Infrared Light Therapy Unit Features

  • Dual Infrared and Red Wavelengths
  • 800mW of Power
  • 2" diameter probe
  • Portable medical grade power supply
  • Treatment sessions 30 to 180 second
  • 30mm to 40mm of infrared penetration
  • FDA Cleared
  • One-year warranty on all parts


800mW Dosage - Every 90 Seconds = 4 Joule/cm2. Typical Treatment Sessions Are Between 30 and 180 Seconds, 2 - 4 Times a Week.


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Horizon Light Therapy Unit with Dual Infrared and Red Wavelength

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