Superhuman Grip - Adjustable Hand Strengthener / Gripper
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To achieve superhuman strength, you must train like a beast and never give up! The more weight you lift and the more reps you pump out, the stronger you will become. If you develop a superhuman grip, you will be able to handle more weight and in return, gain superhuman strength! The Superhuman Gripper offers an adjustable resistance range from 22lbs to 70lbs. To adjust the resistance, simply loosen the tightening wheel and move the spring to the setting where you are comfortable pounding out some reps!

Strengthen and Train Fingers, Hands, Wrist and Forearms Strength Fast. Ideal for Athletes and People that do  Rock Climbing, Shooting, Bodybuilding, Golf, Tennis, etc.

The Easily Adjustable Dial and Wide Range of Tensions Make The ACF Hand Exerciser a Popular Choice for Those With Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow and Those Recovering From a Broken Wrist and Tendon Surgery.

Durable Construction and Workmanship. 100% Money Back Guarantee.



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Superhuman Grip - Adjustable Hand Strengthener / Gripper

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